Baby Birds

June is an exciting month for new life in the woods. Babies can be seen everywhere begging for food. If they are out of the nest, they typically show the classic posture of wing fluttering whenever the parent bird is nearby. Parents have a hard time controlling their little ones now. This makes it easy to find nest holes etc. Unfortunately, it also makes it easy for predators too. Now is the time we see Bald Eagles going after baby ducklings and it is heart-wrenching to watch. But we must remember this is the balance or cycle of nature and Mother Nature is not always kind. Survival of the fittest comes to mind – however cruel that might be – it insures the survival of a species.

We had an interesting couple of weeks at an area┬áResort. An extended family of Common Grackles chose to locate their nest right by the front door to the lodge. Whenever anyone came in or out of the door, they would get divebombed by angry Grackles. It was close to a scene right out of the classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds”. We tried to tell everyone that it is all part of the experience of the Northwoods, but these comments were largely ignored as people went screaming and running for cover. The drama is over now, the babies were only in the nest for about a week and a half.

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