Baby Birds Everywhere

I took a little hike on Sunday morning on the Vermilion Gorge Trail. It had rained during the night and the forest was loving the moisture. The moss on the side of the trail was a brilliant green.

Upper portion of Vermilion Gorge Trail

There were birds chipping all over in the brush and small trees. Many birds had their chicks out feasting on the bugs that happened to be abundant at the time. The winds were calm and the forest was hushed, even the birds were singing softly. It was magical!

The first family I happened upon were the Yellow-rumped Warblers, or the sub-species Myrtle Warbler. The male and female were present as well as one chick that I could see. It was interesting to note the differences in plumage.

Next I came upon a family group of Chickadees. They were chipping away in a small confier – there were at least 6 in this group. Finally one of the adults gave the alarm call: chick-a-dee, dee, dee;  but it was in a hushed version – very soft.

A little while later we came upon a couple birds right on the trail. The adult starting chipping loudly and both birds flew into the wet brush. The adult stayed up a little higher in the bushes and I could make out an adult Ovenbird. She started calling the teacher, Teacher, THEACHER song, but it was a subdued call. She must of had her fledglings out on the trail where it was a little drier. It was certainly where the mosquitoes were hanging out.

Then the highlight of the morning came when I noticed a BROWN CREEPER picking bugs along the trunk of a large pine. She then flew up to a White Pine where she fed a young bird clinging to the trunk of the tree. There were at least 3 baby birds clinging to the bark of this tree. An interesting tidbit of information about these birds is that they only creep up the trunk of the tree – they never go back down – they will fly down to another tree and creep up again. This behavior is unlike the Nuthatches who have the ability to go up AND down the tree.

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