April Snows bring May ???

Yesterday we had a winter storm. What? It was April 3rd, isn’t it supposed to raining? Crane Lake got about 6 inches of snow, I guess we were lucky, Duluth got about 10-12 inches. The snow really brought the birds into the feeders. My yard is filled with Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, Purple Finches, Juncos, Redpolls, and all the usual winter feeders. Even the Gray Jays are still hanging around the suet. I’ve had a Crow discover the suet as well, and I have to knock on the window to get him to take off. I don’t really want Crows around here – they may decide to build a nest nearby and that doesn’t bode well when you are trying to sleep it in in the morning. They make a racket in the early morning hours.
Purple Finch

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