Wow, that’s a mouthful. I am guilty of it, how about you?

from Wikipedia: As Frans de Waal writes: “To endow animals with human emotions has long been a scientific taboo. But if we do not, we risk missing something fundamental, about both animals and us.”[36] 


While anthropomorphism has generally taken on a negative connotation in science, there is also the risk of science assuming that only humans possess any degree of certain traits.[37] This is called anthropocentrism, whose practitioners either believe in or unintentionally form an outlook of human exceptionalism. Darwin dismissed these ideas of human exceptionalism in his book The Descent of Man, to the chagrin of many religious philosophers, by saying that our differences are “only in degree, and not in kind”. [38]

Right now if you have been following any of the nest webcams like the Minnesota Bound Live Eaglecam, a crisis is unfolding. The Eagle nest being watched had two eggs hatch a couple weeks ago. Both Eaglets were named: Kirby and Harmon, after famous Twins Baseball players. Tragedy occurred last week when one of the babies fell out of the nest. The nest is 75 feet up in a tree and the baby eagle didn’t make it. Now there’s even a bigger crisis. The remaining Eaglet, Harmon, somehow had gotten his wing stuck in the nest. He struggled for 24 hours until finally someone from the Raptor Center in St. Paul, recused the poor little guy. The Eaglet was in bad shape and they decided to remove him from the nest. He was at the Raptor Center for 2 days before they placed him back in the nest. Now with heart wrenching apprehension, we are waiting for the parent Eagles to return. It is very, very hard to watch.


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