Ah Fiddleheads…. May 10, 2006

Today was a good bird day!

Last night there were t-storms to the south of us and we received some much needed rain. It also brought in some new arrivals. It was an exciting morning at the Gorge.

Tons of Least Flycatchers came in last night to the beautiful Norway pine stand that borders the Vermilion River; Cher-blunk, cher-blunk, cher-blunk!!

There was also a Solitary Vireo (or as some books call them Blue-headed Vireos), I verified it with my cd of bird songs. He has been there since last week. Very pretty song: “see me, hear me, here I am”.

Black & White Warbler and Northern Parula were also seen and heard. And the loud Winter Wrens almost drowned out the first Ovenbird of the year.

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