After the Vernal Equinox

After the Vernal Equinox our thoughts turn to Spring migration! The calendar says that spring has arrived, but you wouldn’t know it if you looked out the window right now. Crane Lake is locked in ice and snow and we are anxiously waiting for a spring melt.

I’ve been reading bird reports from southern MN and they sound so wonderful, like it really is spring somewhere! After a lackluster winter with hardly any finches showing up at area feeders, we are in the doldrums. The only birds that have come back so far are the Crows and a few Eagles. Ravens have been doing their aerial acrobatics and calling playfully, but that is the only sound that one hears on a calm day.

In the birding community, when you see a new bird for the season it is called a “first of year” or FOY. Keep checking back to see what FOY will be next.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Turkey Vultures come back pretty early, then the Herring Gull while there’s still ice on the lake. Canada Goose will seek out any open water. Robins and Red-winged Blackbirds show up pretty early too, and so does the Killdeer.

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