A Robin finally! – April 10th

This morning I was letting the dog in and I heard a familiar sound. I just had to go out and see if I could see the Robin that was chipping loudly in the next yard. Yes, it was a Robin! He was perched at the very top of a Spruce tree. Finally, a Robin has made it to Crane Lake.

We are still in the throes of winter here in the northland. This morning the low was 9 degrees at 6:14 am, but in just one hour the temp warmed up to 18 degrees. So maybe Spring is slowly creeping up north. Yesterday morning the low was zero, not a normal day for April 9th. I don’t know when the ice will go off the lake – it could be a record “late” date. In 1996 the ice didn’t go off the lake until May 3rd. I truly hope that will not be the case this year.

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