500th post!

I’m celebrating the 500th posting on my blog with this entry. What a milestone! I didn’t even realize that I was getting close to that.

You may wonder, what exactly is a “blog”? If you try to look that word up in the dictionary, they say there is no such word. So what does it mean? Back in 1997 the term Web Log originated, and in 1999 it got shortened to blog. This seems to happen to many words in computer lingo. According to Wikipedia, in 2007 there were 112 million blogs in the blogosphere. Most blogs are what are termed personal blogs where people use them as a reverse-chronological order diary. Many bloggers use the medium to express their personal or political opinions. And then there are travelogs, photologs and really an unlimited number of possibilities exist. Anyone can start a blog with the free software that’s available. I got started at www.blogger.com. But how do blogs make money? And why do people do it? Some bloggers have resorted to advertising on their blogs while other bloggers are hired by companies to help them market a brand or product. Many people do it just for fun.

Social Media has become very popular with folks out there doing “microblogging”, and for that there are popular applications like Facebook and Twitter. (you can follow me on Twitter @ user name Deebirder) Just like our lives are moving faster everyday, microblogging software only lets you blurt out short sentences to express yourself. Twitter allows a tweet to be 140 characters – this forces you to think out your messages in a condensed manner and to use abbreviations.

Pine Grosbeaks

Pine Grosbeaks

 My blog started out as a personal account of everyday life in a remote northern location, but now it has evolved into more of a promotional blog for the wonderful area in which I live and work. The blog is featured on the www.visitcranelake.com website where people, that may visit in the future, can read about the many little details that the area has to offer. There’s always something happening in the Crane Lake area and bringing attention to these special places is what keeps me motivated. I try to only blog about Voyageurs National Park and the Superior National Forest for these are the areas that border the Town of Crane Lake. The changing seasons and interesting wildlife are a good consistent source of material. Although at times, like in the late fall, finding things to blog about can be a challenge. This fall some writers that maintained excellent blogs retired. It’s a bummer to suddenly have an inspiring blog fall to the wayside, but it happens.

 It’s interesting to look back at the early posts of my blog, starting back in May 2006. In fact a little history about Crane Lake and the internet would be in order here. Back in the 90’s, when personal computers were becoming a way of life, being literally at the “end of the road” in Crane Lake was quite a hindrance. Accessing the newly emerging world-wide web was only a fantasy for us. In order for us Crane Lakers to use the internet, we had to call up servers that were far away, and we had to pay long-distance phone charges. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that we finally got a local dial-up connection. Then we could surf the web for hours without having to pay for the extra phone charges. Although it was slow, we were excited to be part of the larger more technically advanced world. Then it all broke loose when in the summer of 2002, we were able to get DSL high speed connections. Yippee! I was the first person to get the line in Crane Lake and now it’s all history.

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  1. Congratulations on your 500th post! I look forward to reading your blog posts and seeing the photography that you share. I always learn something when I visit here.

    That’s a GORGEOUS photo of the Pine Grosbeaks.

  2. sandy kuder says:

    Congrats on your 500th post. Wish I would see some pine grosbeaks in coon rapids.

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