27 below

This morning Crane Lake is tied with Bigfork as the cold spot in Minnesota. It’s 27 degrees below zero fahrenheit; or -33 celsius (or centigrade).

27 degrees below

Where is Bigfork, MN you may wonder? Bigfork is south of Littlefork and just east of Big Falls. Don’t get that confused with Little Falls which is way down south by Brainerd. Oh, and within that same vicinity is Grand Falls. The other little towns in that area are Effie and Togo.

Maybe you’ve never heard of these small hamlets? They’re out there on the less travelled routes that go through some interesting birding territory. The vast bogs of that area hold great mysteries and since there really aren’t that many roads going through the backcountry we are hard pressed to find the great birds that may make it their home. Put cold temperatures and icey roads on top of that and it is an adventure indeed to bird by car. Try a snowmobile sometime. I have seen Great Gray Owls out on the snowmobile trail, and you can cover some territory that probably has never been birded before! 

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  1. I can’t even immagine being out on a snowobile in those temps.

    I actually work with a woman from Effie!

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