116 Christmas Bird Count in Cook, MN

The 116th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count is soon to begin.  In Minnesota there are 76  count areas or circles as they are referred to.  The Cook Area Circle is one of them.  This year the count day for the Cook Area will be Dec. 26th.

The Cook Area Count was started back in 2002 by Charlotte Jacobsen.  The area has been censused each year since and a total of 21,549 birds have been counted.  Out of this number there have been 52 different species noted.  That is a good number of species to have been found in the middle of the winter this far north.  There has not been any one year in which all  52 species have been observed but it is fun seeing how close we can get to that number at each count.  The more folks we have counting the better we can cover our count circle and search out all these different birds.

The area that is called our count circle is centered right in the town of Cook and it extends out 7.5 miles in all directions.  Anyone living in this circle can count birds right at their own feeders and yard areas.  For those who feel more ambitious  and would like to explore a trail or drive a planned route that can be arranged also.  If you would like to participate in this years count please contact me, Julie.  I am the current compiler and can be reached at 218-666-2450.  I am hoping that those of you who have participated in the past will do so again.  New participants are welcomed.   It can be a lot of fun.  Even if you do not know your birds well you can help.  You can be partnered with some who is more experienced.

The traditional chili lunch and tabulation session will begin at 1:30 PM on Dec.26th.  It will be held at the Cook Timber Wolves Snowmobile Club Building which is located behind Waschke Chevrolet in Cook.  Just follow the driveway behind their building.  Bill Conger will be providing his delicious chili once again.  It is not required that you attend but it is a fun gathering of people who like watching birds.  It is not the end of the count day however.  We have the full 24 hours on the 26th  to look for birds.  Maybe someone will spot a Great Gray owl this year.  They usually  get active towards the end of the day.

Remember if you want to participate just give me a call at 218-666-2450.

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